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Harvest Tech Labs is a Harvest Digital company. Focused on creating solutions for customers icw Salesforce Sales, Service and/or Marketing Cloud.

Activation Studio Harvest Tech Labs

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Our solutions

  • Activation Studio

    Activation Studio for Marketing Cloud | Segments, lead scoring and web tracking

    Activation Studio offers numerous quality of life improvements within Salesforce Marketing Cloud. An easy visual drag and drop segment designer that plugs into your Marketing Cloud business unit. Furthermore the possibility to include behavioral web interactions and calculate scores.

    We all know Marketing Cloud is missing an easy way to create complex segments. If you know SQL, you are golden, but most marketers struggle on this subject. The Segment Designer offers a visual drag and drop interface to create segments for your journeys. Save them as a draft or easily automate them. Including benchmark data vs Journey data.

    Include web behavior and start creating high potential segments for your journeys. Define interaction types and start tracking video views, downloads, form abandonment, etc and start defining journeys to follow-up these interactions.

    Lead scoring has never been part of Marketing Cloud. The Score Designer offers a lead scoring and tagging functionality within your Marketing Cloud Org.

    All interactions and scores can be combined within the Segment Designer. Contact us for a demo or quote.

  • Direct Messenger

    All-in-one Conversational Platform

    Personalization and rich media formats
    Take your plain text messaging to the next level. With Direct Messenger you can add images, videos, documents, QR codes, buttons and locations within Whatsapp. Direct messenger works with your Salesforce data sources to personalize your message and rich media in Marketing Cloud.

    Multi channel management
    Forget the time-consuming, manual tasks so you can focus on the strategic, value-added work that really matters. Direct messenger for marketing is the only tool to control all messaging channels. Configure template messages for all channels (eg, Facebook messenger, Whatsapp, SMS, etc.), make them part of a journey, connect bot conversations and publish in real time.

    Data insights
    Bring all of your data sources under one roof to track performance and gain actionable insights across all your messaging platforms. The Direct Messenger reporting API allows you to pull data into your BI tooling to get a complete picture of performance across channels

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