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Direct Messenger

❥ Direct Messenger is the All-in-One Conversational Platform The only platform built for conversational advertising, messaging and customer service especially for Salesforce. We bring your dialog to life through harnessing the power of authentic conversations at scale, combining this with our state of the art ad solution.

❥ Collect first party data with Direct Messenger for Conversational Ads Direct Messenger is a unique 1st party data solution. It gives you the ability to directly collect your user’s 1st party as well as data, such as preferences, that they leave behind themselves. With this data you can do even smarter, better and more personal 1 on 1 marketing.

❥ Offer efficient, seamless customer support with Direct Messenger for Service Cloud Customers shouldn’t have to jump through hoops to reach your company. Make sure they can contact you the way they want over the channels they use most in their everyday life. Fully integrated with your Service Cloud and/or Sales Cloud.

❥ Gain actionable insights and track performances across all your messaging platforms with the Direct Messenger reporting API.