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Type of solution: Cloud Page

At Harvest Tech Labs, we offer a range of custom development services for Cloud Pages in Marketing Cloud. Our team of experts can help you integrate Cloud Pages with Sales and Service Cloud, enabling you to create a seamless customer experience across your entire organization. We can also help you create custom preference pages that enable your customers to manage their communication preferences and ensure compliance with data privacy regulations. Our lead generation and automation services can help you create effective campaigns that generate leads and drive conversions, while our custom dashboards provide valuable insights into the performance of your campaigns. Whether you need a custom solution built from scratch or want to enhance your existing Cloud Pages campaigns, we have the expertise to deliver results. Let us help you create engaging and effective campaigns with our custom development services for Cloud Pages in Marketing Cloud.

Marketing Cloud Automation Dashboard

Custom CloudPage within Marketing Cloud that allows for easy viewing of the statuses of Automations. It is also much easier to see if an automation is paused than in Automation Studio itself.